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Our Story: Sweet Tea’s Soaps & Stuff was started in January 2011 by Beth Barton. Some local farmers decided to create a Summer Market and had asked local crafters to participate in this new community endeavor. Beth was publishing a local interest magazine called “Sweet Tea, The Magazine That Refreshes” and thought it was a good place to distribute this free, feel good publication to the masses. A closet crafter for years, Beth decided to learn how to make handcrafted soap to sell each Saturday morning along with her other offerings – the magazine, a cookbook and sweet tea. Her husband Perry was a natural salesman as he used and believed in the fantastic feel and benefits of the all natural olive oil soap. The two made a great team! They found they LOVED the festivals and Beth LOVED to make soap so they continued to do the festivals for many years. Beth even retired from the publishing business at the end of 2012 after 26 years to pursue her “hobby” as a full time endeavor. Since the business’ conception, over 50 retail stores have partnered with them to buy products at wholesale which they, in turn, offer customers in their establishments. Online sales took off, too.
Not all good things come to an end – sometimes they just get better.  This was the case when Beth crossed paths with Hannah Goodman at the beginning of 2018. Hannah is a licensed esthetician and knows skin care.  She recognized Sweet Tea’s Soaps were the best around for all skin types and expressed an interest in the business. So, at the beginning of 2019, Hannah became the new “Sweet Tea Lady” when she purchased the business.  Hannah has studied all the recipes of the wide variety of the products and learned the tricks of the trade from Beth. She will offer the same products (and more) at festivals, stores and online for years to come. Hannah’s husband Mason will join her at most shows just as Perry did for Beth. They make a great team, too!
Retail Stores that carry our products: Check our “Where to Buy” page to see if a store is located near you! There is also a list of festivals and events Sweet Tea’s Soaps & Stuff will be participating in throughout the year!  Interested in becoming a retailer of our products?  We offer wholesale opportunities to brick and mortar stores.  Contact us today to get rates!

Need to order for shipping? Use the easy tabs on this website and pay via PayPal, debit or credit card. Or, contact Hannah at sweetteasoaps@gmail.com or call her at 225-210-7300. There is a flat $8.00 fee but on orders over $50, the fee is waved – retail orders only! Orders go out every morning, Monday – Friday.