Oh, Happy Day!


Oliver TLC here – It’s another awesome smelling day in The Sweet Tea’s Soap Studio.  Beth is at it again, making new stuff!  She got this new Bath Bomb making contraption & is squishing all this powder into tight little balls of future fizzing stuff.  She threatened to put me in the tub with one if I didn’t get on with a new blog.  So, here you go.  I will tell you, the stuff she is using is really nice smelling & Beth says it’s good for softening skin while cooling your jets in the bath. The Bath Bombs are called Soaking Seltzers on the website!

Beth has also made some face oil that is amazing.  She put a bottle of it in the bathroom & her husband Perry used it under just one eye for a week without telling her.  When he pointed it out, Beth was giddy, as that area on his face is smooth.  She said she’d look at him from that side of his face so she’d think she’s married to a much younger man.  Silly woman!  And she said she’d be using it all over her body to take years off her own appearance.  We shall see!  The new product is called “New Face”.  There are five choices for varying skin types. “Breakout Buster” – for acne prone skin; “Dusty Dermis” – for dry skin; “The Lucky Ones” – for normal skin; “Fusion” – for combination skin; & “Golden Years” – for aging/mature skin.  Beth has given a few sample bottles out to friends to “test” & the raves are pouring in.  This could seriously give her a big head.  She’s quick to point out that there is NO medication in the products – any of her products, for that matter – but the natural ingredients she uses (thank goodness for Mother Earth) seem to help people with various skin conditions while not polluting them with chemicals.  It’s good stuff!

And one more BIG announcement – Sweet Tea’s Soaps & Stuff has been chosen to participate in the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy Festival in early September!  This is a BIG deal as many thousands of people attend this event each year.  Beth is going to be working even harder to produce soaps & stuff so I guess there will be less cuddles for ME!  YIKES!

Until next time … smell the roses & enjoy the sunshine!

What’s Up!


Good day, Sweet Tea’s Soaps & Stuff Friends!  Oliver TLC here.  The Sweet Tea Lady worked on the website a bunch in the last 2 days & noticed I had not been doing my job of Blogging.  So, here I am to tell you about her “stuff”.

In the last couple of weeks, The Sweet Tea Lady has made these “bombs” called Soaking Seltzers.  Special balls of good stuff that are hard as a rock (I know this because she dropped a couple on the tile floor & they didn’t break) but sizzle & dissolve when dropped in the tub (I know this because she has been “testing” them a lot & indulging in many baths).  I must admit, they smell really good – I particularly like the orange as it reminds me of Cream Sickles.

The little Shih Tzu pups that joined our furry herd last year are growing bigger but I’m proud to say, I still outweigh them by double.  Okay, so my 22 lb girth is a bit “husky” for a cat, but … whatever.  And they still attack me with kisses every time they can.  The Sweet Tea Lady even made a new dog shampoo called “Bow Wow Bubbles” for the little buggers.  It’s got special essential oils in it to repel fleas.  This is a good thing because I don’t want any shared with me.  I understand essential oils smell really great but are not good for cats at all so I am pretty sure The Sweet Tea Lady isn’t going to give me a bath.  I’m thankful for that!

Well, that’s all for now my friends.  I’ll be back in a few days to let you know what she’s doing about upcoming festivals & the MANY places that sell her products. Have a bubbly day!


Soap Bubbles

August 20, 2013

Good morning my soap loving friends!  Oliver TLC here.  The Sweet Tea Lady is busy updating the website today & I thought I’d send out a new Blog while she’s at it.  Lots to report from The Soap Studio!
I’ve been watching Beth make soap – lots of soap – like in 18 batches at a time & each batch has 14 bars in it.  That’s over 250 bars.  Sometimes, she even makes it TWICE a week!  This place smells pretty darn good but I have to admit I’m not a Patchouli fan – smells like arm pits to me.  She says it’s a much requested fragrance so we have to make it any way – and she wears a mask when making it because she doesn’t like it either.  But, she’s never offered one to me.  Hurrumph.
The new products coming from The Soap Studio are abundant!  I’ve seen Beth making a powdered soap that she calls “Polish” which is an anti-fungal & antibacterial hand scrub you can easily carry with you in your purse.  Also, “Tub Teas / Shower Steamers” which are little tea bags filled with herbs & essential oils you add to your bath or hang in the shower – magic for moods, sinus relief or to give you get up & go!  There are more things but I’ll save them for future posts.
One last thing.  Beth went on vacation a couple of weeks ago & came home with TWO little ShihTzu pups.  The nerve!  They chase me around the house & grab my tail.  With only one front leg, I am finding it very difficult to swat the little buggers.  I know, I know.  I actually belong to the next door neighbor so I could move back home.  But, secretly, I’m fascinated by the pups & am hoping they settle down for cuddles very soon!

Meet Oliver TLC

Oliver TLC (Three Legged Cat)’s Blog

World…meet Oliver.
66058_10151347813153755_959943935_nOliver…meet world.

What is Oliver TLC up to today?  It’s always an adventure when you are so cute, cuddly and only have three legs.  But that doesn’t slow this kitty down a bit!  As the Sweet Tea Lady’s loyal assistant, he is the only one that knows all of her secret recipes.  And if the price is right, he might tell them to you!  He sometimes helps her with the book-keeping by laying across the books when it’s time to stop all of that “business stuff.”  Oliver TLC also holds down the fort while the Sweet Tea Lady makes her local deliveries.  The Sweet Tea Lady hopes to one day find him earning his keep by putting on some one rubber glove and assisting with soap production.  But, alias, moral support is all he has given thus far.