Meet Oliver TLC

Oliver TLC (Three Legged Cat)’s Blog

World…meet Oliver.
66058_10151347813153755_959943935_nOliver…meet world.

What is Oliver TLC up to today?  It’s always an adventure when you are so cute, cuddly and only have three legs.  But that doesn’t slow this kitty down a bit!  As the Sweet Tea Lady’s loyal assistant, he is the only one that knows all of her secret recipes.  And if the price is right, he might tell them to you!  He sometimes helps her with the book-keeping by laying across the books when it’s time to stop all of that “business stuff.”  Oliver TLC also holds down the fort while the Sweet Tea Lady makes her local deliveries.  The Sweet Tea Lady hopes to one day find him earning his keep by putting on some one rubber glove and assisting with soap production.  But, alias, moral support is all he has given thus far.