Soap Bubbles

August 20, 2013

Good morning my soap loving friends!  Oliver TLC here.  The Sweet Tea Lady is busy updating the website today & I thought I’d send out a new Blog while she’s at it.  Lots to report from The Soap Studio!
I’ve been watching Beth make soap – lots of soap – like in 18 batches at a time & each batch has 14 bars in it.  That’s over 250 bars.  Sometimes, she even makes it TWICE a week!  This place smells pretty darn good but I have to admit I’m not a Patchouli fan – smells like arm pits to me.  She says it’s a much requested fragrance so we have to make it any way – and she wears a mask when making it because she doesn’t like it either.  But, she’s never offered one to me.  Hurrumph.
The new products coming from The Soap Studio are abundant!  I’ve seen Beth making a powdered soap that she calls “Polish” which is an anti-fungal & antibacterial hand scrub you can easily carry with you in your purse.  Also, “Tub Teas / Shower Steamers” which are little tea bags filled with herbs & essential oils you add to your bath or hang in the shower – magic for moods, sinus relief or to give you get up & go!  There are more things but I’ll save them for future posts.
One last thing.  Beth went on vacation a couple of weeks ago & came home with TWO little ShihTzu pups.  The nerve!  They chase me around the house & grab my tail.  With only one front leg, I am finding it very difficult to swat the little buggers.  I know, I know.  I actually belong to the next door neighbor so I could move back home.  But, secretly, I’m fascinated by the pups & am hoping they settle down for cuddles very soon!