Oh, Happy Day!


Oliver TLC here – It’s another awesome smelling day in The Sweet Tea’s Soap Studio.  Beth is at it again, making new stuff!  She got this new Bath Bomb making contraption & is squishing all this powder into tight little balls of future fizzing stuff.  She threatened to put me in the tub with one if I didn’t get on with a new blog.  So, here you go.  I will tell you, the stuff she is using is really nice smelling & Beth says it’s good for softening skin while cooling your jets in the bath. The Bath Bombs are called Soaking Seltzers on the website!

Beth has also made some face oil that is amazing.  She put a bottle of it in the bathroom & her husband Perry used it under just one eye for a week without telling her.  When he pointed it out, Beth was giddy, as that area on his face is smooth.  She said she’d look at him from that side of his face so she’d think she’s married to a much younger man.  Silly woman!  And she said she’d be using it all over her body to take years off her own appearance.  We shall see!  The new product is called “New Face”.  There are five choices for varying skin types. “Breakout Buster” – for acne prone skin; “Dusty Dermis” – for dry skin; “The Lucky Ones” – for normal skin; “Fusion” – for combination skin; & “Golden Years” – for aging/mature skin.  Beth has given a few sample bottles out to friends to “test” & the raves are pouring in.  This could seriously give her a big head.  She’s quick to point out that there is NO medication in the products – any of her products, for that matter – but the natural ingredients she uses (thank goodness for Mother Earth) seem to help people with various skin conditions while not polluting them with chemicals.  It’s good stuff!

And one more BIG announcement – Sweet Tea’s Soaps & Stuff has been chosen to participate in the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy Festival in early September!  This is a BIG deal as many thousands of people attend this event each year.  Beth is going to be working even harder to produce soaps & stuff so I guess there will be less cuddles for ME!  YIKES!

Until next time … smell the roses & enjoy the sunshine!