Honey Lotion Muffin – 1.5 oz tin

lotion muffin

Made with Beeswax, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. This product will moisturize your skin the entire day. The oils absorb in minutes so you won’t feel greasy or sticky. It’s fabulous for softening cuticles, elbows and especially feet. Unlike other moisturizers, once applied to your feet, you can wear sandals without your feet slipping around. Use it daily and you will not have dry, cracked skin again! The muffin does not dry out so it can be stored, exposed, in a rameken dish right next to the sink. Or carry it with you in the convenient tin in comes in. With a slight scent of honey (because of the beeswax) that dissipates in no time, it’s popular for those who don’t want a “perfume” smell.

Honey Lotion Muffin – 1.5 oz. muffin – $5 each

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