Bar Soap – 6 +/- oz

Our soap is made in small batches from pure Olive Oil, Distilled Water and Sodium Hydroxide – the most basic ingredients – just as our ancestors would have used in the pioneer days. There are many healing benefits to olive oil soap and it cleans and soothes the skin like no other – squeaky clean but your skin is not tight and dry. We have unscented soap as well as many with added Fragrance Oils, Spices and Additives for exfoliation. The fragrances are long lasting and the bars are oversized at 6+ oz. and can easily be cut in half so they last even longer.

Bar Soap – 6 +/- oz. – $5 each

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  1. I have some sweet teas olive oil soap in the gardenia flowers sent and it is beautiful oh, I would like some more, is there anywhere local to get it I’m in Athens Georgia?

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